"Life Is About Energy...So Is Feng Shui"

Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese 'Art of Placement,'
where we arrange our living and working space to create balance and harmony within our surroundings.
Positive Living is the aim to enrich our lives with our health, relationships, prosperity, careers and spirituality.
One way to activate these areas is by using auspicious symbols that are used as 'trigger points'
for Positive Intentions to create Positive Results.

By applying Feng Shui you can -

"Change Your Energy, Change Your Life."

Feng Shui is about creating positive energy to deplete negative or stagnant energy in your surroundings.
It is about bringing together the people and the environment in which we strive to find harmony and balance Positive Living.

Feng Shui is pronounced Fung Shway (not feng shooie)
It literally means wind (feng) and water (shui)

Feng Shui surrounds us everyday
Everything is constantly changing, nothing stays the same.

"Feng Shui is about Energy and Common Sense"

Feng Shui does not have to be complicated.
Start by de-cluttering, as clutter causes stagnant energy that holds you back, instead of allowing you to move forward.
Surround yourself with everything you love so that your environment reflects your personality.

"Feng Shui is the beginning of change, the rest is up to you."

There are different schools of Feng Shui with different methods and applications,
which is why it is easy to become confused.
No Feng Shui schools are better than the other,
as they all aim to produce Positive Results.
However, the first rule they all agree on is to clean out the clutter.

The Western Method is also known as Practical Feng Shui and it is a popular school practiced by many, including me.

To apply the Practical Western Method:
It is based on using the entrance of the home when viewing the whole house,
or by using the doorway of each room, when doing room-by-room.

The Bagua Map below, is the main tool used in applying Feng Shui.

The Practical Bagua is explained in simple detailed terms in my book
“Feng Shui – A Practical & Easy Guide” (page 52)